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Giving away cherry tomato plants to grow at home

At 5pm on a sunny Monday in June, we set up a stall in the heart of Pollokshields East to give way 50 tumbling tomato plants in pots.

The stall was popular and within less than 30 minutes all the plants were given out. Many people bumped in to neighbours at the stall, it was an opportunity to catch up and swap news.

Residents who had never grown anything before, asked us how to look after the plants and left the stall ready for their challenge at home.

Tomatoes can be grown inside by a sunny window or outside if they are in protected sunny position. Once you have found a good spot for them, they are easy to grow. It is simply a question of giving them enough water, so they can form the fruit. And it's the sun which will turn the fruit from green to red.

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